Tattoo workstation

Masterpiece design furniture study 2018


  • A functional workstation usable in a specific sector.
  • A clean and simple design adapted to the activities of a tattoo artist.
  • Being unique in comparison to the current workstations that are available.
  • Choosing materials and the finishing process with hygiene in mind.


The idea arose after talking with some contacts in the tattoo sector.
In these talks i wanted to hear from the artists what specifications i had to meet.

The main focus had to be:

  • Hygiene
  • Mobility
  • Storage space

Current products?

First ideas & sketches

After the converstations with the artists and after all the research, the project could start.

More concepts and idea sketches

Material research 

For choosing the material i had to make sure it was meeting the hygienic requirements.

Early on in the process it became clear that the workstation had to be equipped with some sort of hood that would cover two sides and the top. this had to be made out of some sort of smooth surface material.

The material choice I made for the hood is Marlan® Solid Surface. This Dutch solid surface material isn't porous, hygienic and chemical resistant.

Under the hood I've used MOSO Bamboo. Although the MOSO is a grass material and it isn't made of wood, it has outstanding hardwood qualities like its hardness and durability. 

For the finishing process I've used Osmo Hardwax Oil, which is easy to apply and easy to maintain. The hardwax oil is applied in two layers. After it dried completely it is durable, moisture-repellent and dirt-repellent.


As an extra challenge and to colloborate with companies, my goal was to get all my materials sponsored. 




Cad & 3D Models


Everything that had to be done is figured out in the very beginning through the program Sketchup. Here I made drawings and assembly instructions.


It is possible to produce a big quantity of the workstation i made, partly by the extensive preparation. For the production to be quick and effective you'll probably need more people working on it and you'll probably need to use CNC to cut out the bamboo parts.

The working process in visuals

Cost price and selling price?

The material would cost approximately 1250,- euros. Taking into account the costs of the time invested in the preperation, the machining operations, the finishing process and the montage, the cost price will be 2000,- euros.


 All in all I'm very content with the results.

Thanks to extensive preperation it turned out successfully.

If there are any questions, please ask!